Fairness matters for delivering Net Zero

To tackle climate change, we need to innovate and build solutions faster than we ever have done before. But we can't do so at the expense of fairness.

We need solutions that work for everyone, not just those who can afford to pay for the new Net Zero technologies and who live in the right type of property to have them installed.

Our Team

Reg Platt,

Founder CEO

A career-long campaigner-entrepreneur on climate change and energy affordability who prior to Emergent has launched community initiatives, changed national energy regulation, market and policy from a think tank role, and brought to market a local energy partnership offer for a major energy supplier.

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Phillip Leicester,

Lead Scientist

An advanced energy system scientist, expert in simulating complex integrations of solar PV, battery systems, heat pumps, and national electricity markets, resident at the Wolfson Engineering School Centre for Renewable Energy Systems (CREST) at Loughborough University.

Daniel Homer,

Lead Developer

A proven business leader and full stack software developer, specialist in energy metering, billing, and electronic data interchange, with a background in the electronic component industry.

Our Partners

Meterix Ltd.

Technology Partner

Meterix provides Emergent with smart energy metering services, including data management, tenant billing and customer support. Delivered using proprietary software platform, MeterPay™, whose benefits are already enjoyed by several thousand landlords.

Fair By Design Fund


Part of the Fair By Design campaign, conceived by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Big Society Capital, the fund invests in companies that are developing products to make markets fairer.

Ian Peters


A widely represented board appointee with a wealth of executive leadership experience, including as current vice chair for Peabody Housing group and former leader of British Gas.


In a role at a prominent thinktank, Emergent’s founder, Reg, was a strong advocate of locally-based approaches to decarbonising energy and improving energy affordability.

Following work with the largest city councils outside London on their ambitious energy plans he wanted to help other councils and social housing providers do more. So he brought to market an award winning local energy partnership offer for a major challenger energy supplier.

After launching and growing several of these partnerships, he came to believe that something more radical was needed for delivering Net Zero: a new type of business model where customers would not have to pay upfront for carbon saving technologies, like solar PV and battery storage. Without this new 'energy-as-a-service' approach he saw many households would miss out on the benefits of the new technologies and public support for decarbonisation could fall away.

When he spotted how combining advances in metering technology with an overlooked aspect of energy regulation enabled a new energy-as-a-service approach at the scale of local communities, he founded Emergent to bring this new business model to market.