Eradicating emissions from how we power and heat new and existing homes is one of the toughest challenges we face to deliver net zero.

We urgently need cost effective solutions that can rapidly scale.

This is what Emergent was established to deliver.

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Our approach to accelerate the decarbonisation of homes:

1 Provide the organisations who are investing in decarbonising homes (residential developers, housebuilders, private landlords and social housing providers) investible returns on their net zero technology spending.

2 Give every type of household in a housing development the opportunity to benefit from net zero technologies, regardless of whether they can afford or practically install them within their homes.

Our answer to these challenges is smart local energy systems, or microgrids, delivered across housing developments, operated on locally managed electrical networks.


When electricity was primarily generated in large, fossil fuel power stations, it made economic sense to have centrally operated electrical networks.

Advances in green technology have transformed the economics of the energy industry. Locally managed electrical networks, incorporating net zero generation and storage technologies, are now cost-effective with a vital role to play in reducing emissions.

They improve efficiency and reduce waste by balancing the supply and demand of electricity much closer to the point of use, reducing how much the people of the UK will need to pay to deliver net zero.

Within housing developments, they mean money invested in net zero energy technologies can generate secure returns while customers remain free to switch.


The housing industry needs a partner who provides the benefits of smart local energy systems in a cheap and easy way.

The planning, delivery and operation of microgrids that work efficiently, even at the scale of small developments, is a complex process. It requires someone who can apply a whole-system technology approach that integrates capabilities across disciplines: electricity generation, distribution and purchasing; electrical hardware operation and interoperability; big data analytics, applied controls and predictive software. All this, of course, underpinned by outstanding customer services.

It requires someone with deep expertise on national energy markets, regulation and the structure of the industry. This is necessary to ensure that smart local energy systems are scaled up in a way that advances the overall objectives of the industry, regulator and society at large.

Most importantly though, it requires someone with a model for working in partnership that aligns the incentives of all stakeholders and ensures all parties benefit. Someone you can trust to deliver outstanding services to your residents and customers, and who will share the financial rewards of operating microgrids in a fair and transparent way.

It requires a new type of electricity company. One designed to help the UK’s housing industry deliver net zero by unlocking the benefits of a smarter, more localised energy sector.

Emergent’s purpose is to be that company.

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