Saving social housing providers money, hassle and carbon.

Are you a social housing provider wanting to deliver higher carbon performance from your new and existing developments but concerned about costs?

We can save you money on your lifetime low carbon energy technology costs, your ongoing operation and maintenance costs and on your residents’ energy costs. We can save you hassle by providing a comprehensive energy system solution that we manage on your behalf. And we can save you carbon by supplying your residents with locally generated renewable energy.

Schematic diagram of Emergent Energy's solution to transitioning to a smarter energy system. It shows a housing development and various renewable systems, all connected to a private electricity network, connected to the grid.
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Transitioning to a smarter energy system.

Our energy system solution is sometimes called a ‘micro-grid’ or ‘private wire network’. Instead of heat pumps, solar panels, and electric vehicle chargers being installed separately into housing developments, as is currently the case, we integrate them by connecting them all to a private electricity network that is connected to the grid.

We then install energy storage on the network that we operate with smart controls and predictive software to optimise the efficiency and commercial performance of the whole energy system.

By designing and operating energy systems in this way, we generate cost savings that we share with you, and your residents receive an affordable supply of locally generated renewable energy.

A row of house roofs
Solar panels, connected to the house roofs


Our greener, cheaper, low risk offer.

The way the UK generates and consumes energy is changing so quickly, we know it can be hard to know whose claims to trust about the cost, performance, and operational requirements of different low carbon solutions. This increases the risk of spiralling costs and operational headaches for you and your residents, which is a particular issue if your residents are on low incomes or vulnerable.

We’ve created an offer that makes your life simple and reduces risk. We not only provide you with a smart energy solution, we offer to manage it, meaning we take on the operational and commercial risk.

This gives you peace of mind that you’ll achieve the right outcomes for your organisation and your residents over the long-term.

Selected clients

Photo of a tower block development in Gateshead



Photo of a modern housing development in Brighton


New Build

Photo of a housing development in Nottingham, and the houses have solar panels fitted to the roofs.



"Emergent’s new approach to delivering low carbon energy could transform the rate at which we can decarbonise housing by improving the economics of projects. We look forward to continuing to work with Emergent as their exciting new approach evolves and more housing companies seek to deploy the solution"

Jim Gillon
Energy Services Manager
Gateshead Council

Emergent’s energy system solution provides the potential for us to both decarbonise our housing and support residents with affordable energy costs. We look forward to continuing to work with Emergent as together we explore the potential for this exciting new approach."

Miles Davidson
Housing Sustainability Manager
Brighton & Hove City Council