Are you a social housing provider looking for a way to install solar PV on flats that benefits residents and pays for itself?

You’re in the right place.

Read down to learn more about our transformative Solar4Flats solution

The Problem

Residents of flats need lower energy bills too

Historically, the cost saving benefits of using solar PV have been unavailable to people who live in flats.

What’s more, investments in solar on flats haven’t paid back. Only a small amount of the generated solar electricity has been used on site, by the common areas. Most has spilled onto the grid for little income.

For social housing providers who care about reducing their tenants' energy bills and bringing down carbon emissions without breaking the bank, it’s time for a new approach.

Our Solar4Flats Solution

Following recent action by Ofgem to support the roll out of microgrids in flats, social housing providers can now benefit from transformative outcomes.

Microgrids provide a way for solar electricity generated on blocks of flats to be supplied to residents, so that they save money on their energy bills.

Microgrids can also generate more income from solar panels installed on blocks of flats, so that investments can be commercially viable without grants or subsidies.


Diagram of standard wiring in a block of flats.

In a typical block of flats, solar PV has to be connected 'behind the meter' of the landlord's supply, producing a small energy bill saving for the landlord while saving the residents nothing.

Arrows show electricity flow.


Diagram of wiring in a block of flats turned into a private network microgrid.

With the addition of a single meter, the wiring in a block can be turned into a 'private network microgrid', which enables solar electricity generated on-site to be sold at low cost to residents.

This generates a financial return on the cost of installing the solar PV system while saving the residents money.

Additional meter highlighted in blue.

The Benefits

Based on performance data from Emergent’s existing schemes, measured against Ofgem’s default tariff. Electricity only.

Energy Saving Trust saving figure for solar PV, scaled to a typically sized installation on a block of flats, in operation for 30 years. Savings count towards EPCs and Part L building regulations.

Schemes generate income that can support financing of upfront costs by housing providers or a third party. Achievable investment returns are specific to each system.

Selected Partners

Emergent’s offering enables us to invest in net zero solutions at reduced costs, whilst also providing cost savings for our customers.

Patrick Chauvin
Executive Director of Assets
Stonewater Housing

Our pilot scheme has been easy to set up and operate and is fulfilling its promises, delivering both carbon savings and tenant bill savings.

Miles Davidson
Housing Sustainability Manager
Brighton & Hove City Council

Emergent’s approach could transform the rate at which we can decarbonise housing by improving the economics of projects.

Jim Gillon
Energy Services Manager
Gateshead Council

Helping you and your residents

Eliminating carbon emissions is the defining challenge of our time.

Emergent’s mission is to help all households benefit from the Net Zero transition, regardless of their income level or the type of property they live in.

While helping you, our social housing provider partners, afford your Net Zero goals, we can also make Net Zero work for, and not against, your residents.

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